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Find out how to keep most of your money when you retire!

You could lose 40% or more of your IRA, 401K) or pension when you retire. Jim’s new book tells you step by step how to keep most of your nest egg when you retire.

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Today can change your life! Retire Tax Free is the first book to outline how you can lose 40% or more of the money you withdraw from your retirement nest egg. Unless you understand earnings tests, means tests and income tax traps you could even reduce or eliminate your Social Security retirement check. Before it’s too late, plan to retire tax-free now.

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Jim Jorgensen

Jim Jorgensen has over 30-years experience working on Wall Street and is a nationally known expert in retirement planning. He is the author of seven books on personal finance and retirement, including The Graying of America, radio host on WOR NewYork, ABC and syndicated nationally.

Jim’s clients include Wells Fargo Bank, Farmers Insurance, ExxonMobil, VISA, and many others.

Jim is a frequent keynote speaker and with his years of down-to-earth experience he keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

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